• Certified memoQ trainer – Kilgray – 2010
  • Translation Technology: Software Localisation – Imperial College London – 2008
  • Training the Trainers: Translation – London Metropolitan University – 2008
  • Graduate Certificate in Online Tutoring – City University – 2008
  • Diploma in Translation – University of Westminster, London – 1999-2000

Papers and Workshops

  • 51st ATA Conference – Deconstructing a Brazilian Lawsuit, Denver, Oct 2010
  • Proz Conference – Guest speaker with paper “Who is the best legal translator: a lawyer or a linguist?”, São Paulo, August 2010
  • Proz Conference – “How to deal with PDF files”, São Paulo, August 2010
  • Proz Conference – Panel on CATs, São Paulo, August 2010
  • Workshop on Contracts, São Paulo, July 2009
  • Workshop “Pitfalls in Legal Translation”, São Paulo, August 2010
  • Workshop by the ITI, York, “Productivity Tools for Translators”, York, July, 2010
  • Webinar by the CIOL – “Productivity Tools for Translators”, April, 2010
  • Workshop by the CIOL, Lincoln, “Productivity Tools for Translators”, Lincoln, March, 2010
  • Proz Conference – Guest speaker with paper “Legal Translation: a Specialised Translation or Translating a Specialism”, São Paulo, August 2009
  • “Common Law vs. Civil Law and their Challenges for Translators”, Association of Public Interpreters and Sworn Translator of São Paulo, August 2009
  • “Introduction to Law for Translators”, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, July and August 2009
  • ITI Conference – Paper on “Productivity Tools for Translators”, London, ITI, May 2009
  • Workshop: “Productivity Tools for Translators”, London, ITI, Nov. 2008
  • ATA Annual Conference 2008: Paper: “Objection your Honour: Law for Subtitlers”;Paper: “Remedies in Law and Equity”
  • Conference: New Trends in Legal Translation, at Artesis, Antwerp, Oct. 2008:  “Translating Different Legal Systems: The Pitfalls of Lack of Equivalence”
  • Workshop: “PC Matters: How to choose your working PC”, London, CIOL, Oct 2008
  • Seminar on Brazilian Law at the ITI, London, May 2008
  • Three-day course on legal translation in São Paulo, Brazil – April 2008
  • ATA Annual Conference 2007: Pre-conference Seminar: “Deconstructing a Brazilian Lawsuit”; Paper: “The UK Legal System: An Overview”
  • ATA Annual Conference 2005 – “Translating Legal Systems into Portuguese Using Equivalents”
  • Workshop for the IOL on Style and Register – September 2003