About me

ana_iaria_siteI am Brazilian translator living in the UK since 1999.

I hold a BA in Languages and Literature (Portuguese and English), combined with a BA in Education by the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Afterwards I studied Law at the same University and passed the Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil (equivalent to the Bar Exam) to be able to practice Law.

For a few years after leaving University, I practiced Law and since 1990 I have been working as professional translator, when I left my position as a lawyer with an American company in Brazil and decided to be a translator. Before joining this company I had worked for other American companies and banks and I previously taught Portuguese at schools.

After moving to the UK, in 2004 I obtained the MSc in Scientific, Medical and Technical Translation at Imperial College London. Soon after I started teaching at the same course as a Visiting Lecturer, teaching Practical Translation, Translation Studies and Publishing Skills.

Apart from teaching, I also run workshops on technology for translators and legal translation. I am a regular speaker at several conferences in the UK and abroad.